Monday, September 29, 2008

aristotle and wikinomics

In A History of Western Philosophy (2007:187), Bertrand Russel wrote that "trade has to do with money, but wealth is not the acquition of coin." Wealth derived from trade is justly hated, because it is unnatural.

The views of philosophers, with few exceptions, have coincided with the pecuniary interests of their class.

Philosophers, whose incomes are derived from the investments of universities, have favoured interests ever since they ceased to be ecclesiastics and therefore connected with landowning. At every stage, there has been a wealth of theoretical argument to support the economically convenient opinion.

I think that "wealth" is criticized by Don Tapscott & Anthony D Williams on various grounds. Wikinomics is first the very interesting comment that it gives too much collaboration or unity to the
Poor State, and would make it into individual.

"Tell me a story of wikinomics!" Do you remember asking for or listening to stories? Perhaps it was at bedtime as child; perhaps it was a family gathering or class reunion or just sitting around with a group of friends.

Some stories of wikinomics become favorites. For example: Goldcorp and Linux. We never get tired of hearing them or telling them "one more time".

What is my favorite stories? "To build core competencies with the mass collaboration!" We'll make money with the limitations of Homo Economicus.

To Aristotle, .... don't worry, be happy**